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Sightseeing (o^^o)


The Daishi(大師) in Kawasaki (川崎). It is one of the biggest temples in Kantô and one of the favoured places for many to spend the New Year’s Eve. While in most countries New Year’s Eve is all about party and firworks, in Japan you spend it with your family and go to a temple to hear the 108 strokes of the temple bell, which is supposed to heal you from your 108 sins.

The Daishi is related to fulfilling wishes. That is why you find the so-called daruma  (達磨) (2. and 3. picture) everywhere around the temple. You paint in one of its eyes and while you’re doing this, you wish for something. If your wish was fulfilled one day, you fill in the other eye. Needless to say, that most daruma, especially those concerning winning in lotto, stay with one eye forever :9

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