lawful evil

notentirelythere: yeah, I was like that for most of my sets. the only things I wouldn’t let anyone touch were my minifigures and my Bionicle sets. One time some friends got ahold and broke apart my Bionicles and… it was a very traumatic day that I’ll never forget

I just came to the conclusion that there are still people who want to stick to the instructions and create whatever set it was they bought but that you could still build whatever the fuck you want because it’s your LEGO set, ya know?


Lego Shadow Ads


These guys are having too much fun. Brothers Marcin (Xulm) and Przemek (Surpiko) are drawing all the awesome LEGO sets from their childhood. Check out the rest of them on both their blog and flickr.

Also check out their individual websites and blogs, good stuff there too:

Marcin (Xulm) and

Przemek (Surpiko) and



Marvel Comics covers Lego-ized  by Mike Napolitan :: via mnap73